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Triple E is ISO 9001 certified and has the processes in place to ensure you receive parts to your specifications with every part we deliver. Besides the standard array of measuring equipment, we also employ a FARO arm to measure complex geometries to ensure positions are correct.

Run Off Checks, CMM, Precising Gauging, Redesign, Modeling ToolThe Faro Arm Quantum is a manually operated coordinate measuring machine, or CMM. The Faro Arm is incredibly precise having a measurement reliability of .0007 inches, or ¼ of the thickness of a sheet of paper, within a 6 foot diameter bubble. The Faro Arm comes in handy measuring very large objects, or uncommon profiles such as a cones, tauruses, radiuses, and small grooves.

The Faro Arm is used primarily for conducing first piece run off checks for uniquely profiled, or large machined components. The Faro Arm is also used to measure customer parts for redesign, and conduct mold or tooling checks, and to check supplier first piece parts before receiving a shipment. The Faro Arm is much faster than conventional measurement methods as there is only one tool needed, the Faro Arm itself, and the parts being measured require only one setup to measure all or most of the dimensions.Gauging Tool

The Faro Arm is a valuable tool allowing Caster Concepts and its’ subsidiaries to accurately and more importantly quickly measure components and assemblies. The Faro Arm is advantageous as it can be moved easily throughout the main manufacturing facility, or moved off site to other manufacturing locations. The Faro Arm is transported in a dedicated case, and can be ready to measure at another location within 15 minutes.

If you have parts with tight tolerances or special quality documentation, Triple E can provide the skill to ensure your parts are right.