Rotary Lock System

Shaft Lock, Rotary Lock, Triple E LLC

Operation For Positive Rotational Positioning/Automatic Locking Operation

Triple E Rotary Locks rigidly lock any shaft in position without creeping, and are capable of holding tremendous torque loads. The basic functional feature of the Triple E Rotary Lock is that a shaft to which it is attached is always in a locked condition, unable to turn in either direction unless actuated through the Rotary Lock.

The Rotary Lock can easily be unlocked and the shaft rotated to any new position by operating a hand lever of other mechanical means. Then it will automatically lock again when the hand lever is released.


Key Features:

Shaft Lock, Rotary Lock, Triple E LLC

  • Locks Shaft Rigidly
  • Locks Either Direction
  • Available in Five Sizes
  • Locks Anywhere in 360º
  • Hardened Steel Construction
  • Easily Adaptable to Special Tooling Machines, Fixtures


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