Screw Machines

Triple E started as a screw machine house over 45 years ago and we still specialize in producing a wide variety of parts on our four Acme Gridley automatic screw machines.  We can run bar stock from 1/8’’ diameter to 2-5/8’’ diameter.
Screw machines are still an efficient way to produce parts in medium to high volume.  If you are looking for nozzles, shafts, fasteners, or any other type of part that would normally be run on a lathe, contact Triple E to find out if it is a fit for a screw machine.  Our six spindle machines can shorten part to part times dramatically and reduce costs when compared to parts produced on a standard CNC lathe.
We also have the ability to perform secondary operations on your screw machined parts to deliver a complete part without the need for multiple outsourced operations.  From high volume broaching to CNC milling, Triple E can handle your most complex parts.